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Free Your Mind, Live Your Best Life

Hello! Welcome. I’m Richard, Founder of Polestar Hypnotherapy and Mind Mastery.  

I help busy people with busy minds to free themselves from the uncertainties of life and to find peace in the present moment.  So they can be themselves, embrace their possibilities and live their best life.


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woman relaxing on a sofa

Do you ever wonder what life could be like free from the worry, overthinking and the mental chatter that keeps you up at night?
How much happier you’d be if your head space wasn’t a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows, going a million miles an hour under the weight of your ‘must do’ list and the all the people that rely on you.

How much calmer you’d be if you were able to switch off for a moment, rest without feeling restless or guilty and take the time you need for you, so that the people you love get the real you. The best you.

How much more you could achieve and the confidence you would have to go after your goals, if you weren’t held back by the ‘what if’s’, fearing the future or constantly second guessing yourself.

So many people go through times when they feel a bit lost, burnt out or ‘not themselves’ and it can leave you wondering ‘what is wrong with me?’.

The answer is… Nothing!
Sometimes we just need some extra support and a safe space to work through our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs to get through challenging or changing times.

I am that support, that safe space and that friendly face to get you back on track.

To find out more about my personalised R.E.S.T + Relax Therapy to free your mind and living your best life,  book a complimentary consultation today.

Why Choose Me?

A Safe Space

A judgment-free space to relax, speak your mind, and be heard.

Solution Focused

Fast results to long term outcomes and sustainable change.


Drug free and label free – no more labels to put on yourself


Not a  ‘one size fits all’ therapy. It’s all about you, your needs and circumstances

Neuroscience Based

To help you understand your mind and how to change it.

What my Clients Say about working with me

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