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R.E.S.T. & Relax Therapy

What will working with me be like? How is a session structured?

Here's a guide to what you can expect in a session. Of course, its all about you and what you bring to the session - so we adapt and change as we go. 


We want to shift the mind into a positive state and put down anything that’s happened in the lead-up.


  I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the past week and acknowledge what’s gone well for you?

Even the small stuff.


 What went better than expected and how did that improve your experience?


From there we take an enlightening dive into the hidden workings of your brain.


The goal is to help you understand why you feel and think the way you do and show you how you can positively rewire your thinking patterns, using evidence-based techniques rooted in neuroscience. 


Can you imagine the greatest version of yourself?  Soon you will.


In a non-judgmental way, you will size up where you are now.


This will create focus and confidence on how you CAN reach your peak and get a crystal-clear idea of what "great" really means to you and what true freedom and happiness look like.


You have all the answers inside you, but you may not know the most powerful questions to lead you to them. 


Together we will find what it is that makes you the real you and put in place some simple daily practices to disengage from everything else and all the noise that’s holding you back.


You will know what  signs to look for and how to manage your mind to feel calm, content and in control

And at the end of your session, I will guide you to deeply



After all the exploration and inner work you will be rewarded with a deep relaxation where you can lean back, unwind, and find your inner peace.


An opportunity for your positive thoughts and intentions to sink in and take root in your more rested mind.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy: A Modern Approach to Personal Growth

Imagine: A therapeutic approach that combines the best of modern talking therapy, neuroscience, and the power of suggestion to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


That's exactly what solution-focused hypnotherapy (SFH) offers.


Unlike traditional therapies that dwell on the past, SFH takes a positive, future-focused approach, working with you to identify and implement solutions that fit your unique life and needs. We believe that you have the resources and skills within you to create positive change. Our role is to guide you towards these solutions in a supportive and encouraging way.

Benefits of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy:

  • Short-term and goal-oriented: SFH is designed to be brief and focused, helping you achieve your goals efficiently.

  • Collaborative approach: We work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

  • Positive and future-focused: We leave the past behind and focus on empowering you to create a brighter future.

  • Harnessing your inner potential: We believe in your ability to find solutions from within.

  • Relaxing and enjoyable sessions: Our sessions are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to move forward.

  • Hypnosis: A gentle tool for change: Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state that allows us to access your subconscious mind, where positive change can take root.


Solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you with a wide range of concerns, including:





Weight loss

Phobias and fears

Self-esteem issues

Recurrent IBS

Habitual behaviours

Alcohol Problems

Pain management

Sleep problems

Smoking cessation

If you're ready to take charge of your personal growth and create a more fulfilling life, solution-focused hypnotherapy may be the right approach for you.

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover how I can help you achieve your goals.

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